Tech Takes Action: A New Platform for NY Tech to Impact the Community

Julie Samuels, Executive Director

Check out our new platform, Tech Takes Action, here.

When we launched Tech:NYC in May of 2016, we knew we’d spend a lot of time working on policy issues at the city and state level here in New York. We also knew we’d spend much of our time championing the amazing work our members do to support New York and the tech ecosystem here.

But—like for so many—there was much we weren’t prepared for. One need look no further than the repeated threats to responsible immigration policies that support the kind of diversity we all treasure in our community, our city, our state, and our nation. But today we find ourselves staring down those very real threats and this time, it’s our own neighbors and colleagues who find themselves in the crosshairs.

This week, the Trump Administration announced that it would rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, putting nearly 800,000 Americans at risk of being turned away from the only country many of them have ever known. Not only is this morally unjust, but by rejecting Dreamers’ talent and contributions to our economy, the Trump Administration is limiting the potential of businesses across the country, including those here in New York.

Our ecosystem and our economy are strongest when we embrace diversity and inclusivity, which is why we need to act.

Tech:NYC represents a community of people who build things—technology tools, companies, and many other creative exploits. These undertakings all require a fundamental optimism that believes, by coming together, we can solve real problems and make the world a better place.

And so today we are launching Tech Takes Action, a site we built with support from our friends from Warby Parker. Tech Takes Action will provide curated opportunities to speak up, give back, and chip in, and we’re kicking it off with a focus on immigration. We’ll update the site regularly, giving the teams at our member companies the opportunity to pool resources across the community and stand up for the values that we all believe in.

It’s important that you sign up at Tech Takes Action so that we can let you know when important engagement opportunities arise. Together our voices are so much stronger than they are alone.

Our first recommendations for speaking up, giving back, and chipping in to demand action such as passing legislation to protect Dreamers; volunteering with CUNY Citizenship Now!, an organization that provides free naturalization application assistance throughout New York City; and donating to the Brooklyn Community Foundation’s Immigrant Rights Fund, which supports immigrant-led organizations working to address legal, safety, and civil rights issues. These are all meaningful ways to have an impact.

We hope you’ll join us. Clearly, it’s time to get to work.