Tech:NYC is a member-based organization made up of the most innovative companies in NYC. Join us and our efforts to ensure that New York remains the best place for anyone to start and grow a technology company. You’ll also get access to networking events with city and state leaders and tech leaders from around the world.

Becoming a Member

Annual Dues Structure

Company Membership:

  • Under 20 Employees: Free
  • 20-99 Employees: $2,500
  • 100-249 Employees: $5,000
  • 250-499 Employees: $10,000
  • 500-999 Employees: $15,000
  • 1000-4999 Employees: $35,000
  • 5000+ Employees: $50,000

Investor Membership:

  • Investors with $250mm+ under management: $20,000
  • Investors with with $50mm - $250mm under management: $5,000
  • Investors with less than $50mm under management: $2,500
  • Individual investor or angel: $2,500

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