New Comptroller Report Highlights NY’s Thriving Tech Sector

Taline Sanassarian, Policy Director

A new report released this past week by the Office of the NY State Comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli, highlighted New York’s thriving tech sector.

New York is one of the three states with the largest tech sectors (after California and Texas), with 25 percent overall industry job growth from 2010 to 2016, including a 57 percent increase in New York City alone, according to the report. The number of NYC tech firms also increased by 23 percent during this period, with myriad tech companies calling New York City home. (We’re happy to report that this includes many of our Tech:NYC members and friends!)

These trends show that New York has solidified its place as a durable and expanding tech hub, with the employment and growth numbers to back it up. The report also notes the spillover effects of this increased growth in non-tech occupations such as managers, accountants, and sales representatives within tech companies.

As our tech companies grow, so do the range of their needs that reach beyond traditional computer-related business systems, programming, and software development. Also of note is how tech has created increased opportunities for connectivity in NY’s more traditional job industries such as media, retail, and finance.

As evidenced by DiNapoli’s report, all indications are that the tech community in New York is stronger than ever, and Tech:NYC looks forward to continuing to help our companies participate in and benefit from this stunning growth.