Tech:NYC Statement on RAISE Act Proposal to Curb Legal Immigration

Tech:NYC has offered the following statement in response to the Trump Administration and Senators Cotton and Perdue's RAISE Act proposal that would curb legal immigration with a new system:

“Today’s proposal by the Trump Administration and Senators Cotton and Perdue that could cut legal immigration in half is part of a broad and dangerous effort to restrict immigration no matter the cost to our companies and communities. Not only is this bad policy for building a new future-looking economy and for creating new tech jobs, it’s also bad precedent for our country, which has been strengthened over the years by immigrant founders, their companies, and the diversity of ideas and experiences that they—and all immigrants—bring to our shores. It’s true that the immigration system needs reform, but it should be overhauled to make it easier for entrepreneurial workers to come here to build companies and create jobs.”

-Julie Samuels, Executive Director