Tech:NYC Statement on Latest Supreme Court Travel Ban Rulings

In response to the decision by the Supreme Court to allow parts of the Trump administration's travel ban on citizens of six countries to go into effect, Tech:NYC has offered up the following statement:

"We continue to see this ban as both unconstitutional and bad policy for our nation and its economy. And we’re concerned that the partial stay could keep out the future founders and job creators whom we most want to attract to the United States. Many of the biggest employers and most successful companies in America were started by immigrants who had no prior ties to the U.S. While it’s easy to conjure fears of the unknown, it’s harder to see what we lose if families of the the next immigrant tech founders like Sergey Brin or Andy Grove aren’t allowed into the U.S.”

-Julie Samuels, Executive Director

For more, read our revised Policy Brief on the travel ban.