Happy Birthday, CS4ALL!

This week, Mayor de Blasio joined with several technology and education leaders (including our own Board Co-Chair Fred Wilson) to commemorate the first anniversary of the City’s Computer Science for All (CS4All) initiative. The CS4All program is an ambitious 10-year, $80 million commitment that pairs public and private partners to provide meaningful CS education for all New York City public school students between grades K through 12. 

The good news is, it’s going quite well. To date, CS4All has trained teachers in nearly 150 percent of NYC public schools and provided instruction to students in 14 percent of schools in the Bronx, 18 percent of schools in Brooklyn, 13 percent of schools in Manhattan, 14 percent of schools in Queens and 16 percent of schools in Manhattan. 

The CS4All initiative is critical to ensure that New York City public school students are prepared for the new economy when they enter the workforce. And, by following through on this commitment, New York City will improve the population of workers prepared for the tech economy and strengthen the City’s place as a global tech hub. 

Congratulations on your progress, CS4ALL!