Tech:NYC Testifies on Self-Driving Cars

Without a doubt, self-driving cars represent one of the most exciting and promising developments emerging from the technology industry today. Self-driving car technology promises extraordinary benefits—ranging from significantly improving human safety to dramatically reducing the massive carbon footprint of automobiles. Like any new technology with far-reaching implications, there are undoubtedly concerns and considerations about how this technology will work and be used. 

This is why, on Friday, our Executive Director Julie Samuels testified before the New York City Council’s Committee on Transportation at an oversight hearing entitled “The Future of the Driverless Vehicle in New York City.”

In her testimony, Julie emphasized the value of government and industry working as partners as self-driving technology makes its way to market. She also reminded the legislators that taking a position of partnership reflects well on New York as one of the preeminent cities for technology businesses and startups.

As Julie testifed:

To best harness the promise of self-driving technology while ensuring it meets public considerations such as safety will require a consistent dialogue between industry and government…. As we start this conversation, we also want to emphasize the importance of sending the right message to technology leaders nationwide that New York is a welcoming environment for the technology industry.

Julie’s full testimony is available here.