New York City’s tech industry is one of the fastest growing areas of our economy, and our startup ecosystem is changing rapidly every day. Below you can find information and sources that provide a snapshot of where the NYC tech industry is now and how it has grown during the past few years.


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  • New York City is ranked first globally in funding availability and quality in 2019

  • The NYC Metro region received $13 BIllion in funding in 2018 

  • NYC companies attracted 735 VC deals in 2018

  • New York City has the second highest absolute number of early-stage investments in the world, after Silicon Valley

  • More than 6,100 VC funding rounds have occurred in NYC since 2010


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Real Estate & Infrastructure

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  • New York City now has more than 120 universities, with most offering Computer Science education

  • New YOrk City is ranked number 1 globally for the number of Stem students/Graduates and life sciences universities in 2019

  • New York City haD 7,631 annual computer science graduates from local universities in 2018

  • New York City has More than 5 Million residents 25 and older with A Bachelor’s degree or above

  • More than 80,000 annual new international or out of state NYC residents with a bachelor’s degree or above

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Noteworthy Acquisitions and IPOs

Notable NYC Tech Initiatives

CS4ALL: This $81 million public-private partnership Fosters Computer Science education for NYC teachers and students

NYCX: This is the First municipal program in the U.S. designed to transform urban spaces into hubs for tech collaboration

LinkNYC: NYC and Intersection teamed up to create communication kiosks around the city, with More than 1,300 Live now

WINTERNSHIP: Partnership with Cornell Tech and CUNY to prepare women in high school and college for Tech Jobs

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Last Updated: JULY 2019