Janett Liriano

Janett Liriano.jpg

Janett Liriano is CEO of LOOMIA, a smart materials company based in NYC.

Prior to LOOMIA, Janett worked in the medical technology field creating high fidelity simulations with medical mannequins for doctors-in-training. She is a formally trained audio engineer and master electrician and has held various roles in production as a programmer, stage manager, director, engineer, and lighting designer.

As one of 28 women named to Project Diane, a database of Black and Latina women who have raised over $1M in venture funding, Janett is committed to using her position in leadership to advocate for diversity in STEAM fields and challenge the corporate culture in the tech and apparel industries. She is an active voice in the Time's Up movement , sponsor of the WACO Theatre Center, contributor to Huffington Post, and producer/host of the soon-to-be released “Untangled” podcast. Janett studied design and technology at Emerson College and audio engineering at SAE Institute.